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Watford Photo Gallery

Thank you for stopping by to view photos of Watford's history and past events! If you wish to contribute to our gallery, please contact us!


David Maxwell was an automotive pioneer far ahead of his time. His genius, ingenuity and spirit of entrepreneurship live on in the restoration of the car he built, now restored and memorialized for all to enjoy, in person at the Watford Museum.

Inventor- Maxmobile


The Town of Watford has its own anthem?

Hello You, was written in 1924 by R. Dimond Swift with music written by Clarence L. Cook.

Notice the prediction of how downtown Watford’s streetscape would look in 1974. Almost 50 years later, we’re not quite there.


Thank you to Don & Willie Cook for providing this tidbit of history to the 150th Anniversary Planning Committee. In planning for the upcoming celebration, we are sure learning a lot about this little community!

David Maxwell

Watford Photo Gallery

If you have photos of Watford, past or present, pictures of past events (Corn Fests, Dances, Fish Frys, Ball Tournaments, Parades, Road Races, Festivals, etc.), please contact us to potentially have  your contributions published to the gallery.

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